Mar 28, 2011
so sad in japan.
but a little smile for all Japanese TOMODACHI.

OHANAMI is important fun thing for Japanese.
Have fun OHANAMI in The Sims 3.


(The Sims 3 Exchange)



KOI pond

BENTO at picnic table.

ZEN space

Bar is always fun!
drinking SAKE?

so beautiful in night time.

for replace "Maywood Glen"


rina said...
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Rina_rina said...

#Sorry,I edit my account and comment.Rina is me.

Thank you so much for sharing such nice lot.
Very lovely! I like koi pond and zen space you made!! <3

Glad you and your loved are ok.Very scary earth quake and still there're many after quake,please take care yourself.

I really thank you for your thoughts for Japan.I'm Japanese but do not live distaste area so I can play my game now.I hope Sims3 player in distaste area enjoy your lovely ohanami lot in near future.Some remember the park they had done ohanami before the terrible tragedy.Your work is so nice.

Thank you so much and please take care your self again,Lani-san.<3

Lani said...

Thanks Rina!
Have a nice weekend (^-^)/

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